Life or Death is now a Matter of Perception

Photo by Vladimir Kastarokov from Pexels

As defined by Social Scientists at the University of California: San Francisco, unconscious biases, or implicit biases are:

social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness.

While many of us would agree and allude to such things, that is, that we hold subconscious…

An Ode to Oppression

I was hopeful for the future. I had dreams.

I accomplished many of them, but some of them eluded me.

It began with a young man, as pale as new sheets.

He thought he was better than me, so tried to destroy me

He took my joy and wrecked my…

Ola A.

Musings from an Observer. Global Nomad. Life-long learner and surveyor of truth. Looking through the right lens.

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